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5 Reasons To Get Your Kids Singing At Home

You’d be amazed how much good getting your little bundle of joy to sing regularly achieves. As the maker of the best children’s karaoke machine in the country – I know, we’re modest too – we get to see firsthand the incredible transformative effects that the joy of song can have on kids. Don’t believe us? Check out these proven benefits...


1) It’s good for the body


The physical benefits to your child’s body that singing encourages are ludicrously extensive. It – deep breath (coincidentally something that singing encourages, leading to increased oxygen in the blood and subsequently to the brain) – strengthens the lips and tongue helping children speak and communicate more clearly; strengthens the immune system; improves posture; burns calories; helps with sleep; releases endorphins; and increases lung capacity.


2) It’s good for the mind


At a young age, singing aids cognitive development on a number of fronts. It causes the brain to perform multiple tasks at once, helping to develop memory. It also helps teach opposites – like fast and slow, quiet and loud – helping a child to learn to differentiate between opposite tasks. Singing also helps a child learn rhythm and rhyme, as well as the importance of listening in order to learn.


3) It’s good for the soul


Repeated scientific studies have shown singing to bolster happiness and mental wellbeing in children. Singing improves self-confidence and the ability to communicate with others. It can also prove a valuable social tool to help children make friends. Finally, singing has been proven to increase creativity.


4) It’s good for the parents


Singing is a great way to bond with your kids and it’s something that you can share together at almost any age, meaning the entire family can get involved. It creates a loving environment of shared joy that develops lasting bonds. The most common bit of feedback we get from parents is astonishment at how when their kids grab a karaoke machine for kids, they transform from a moody Netflixated bundle of nerves in to a responsive and happy disco diva.


5) It’s good for the bank balance


When we sat down to design our karaoke kits we had two core aims: simplicity and affordability. We couldn’t be happier with the result: our at-home karaoke machines start from £60 and are so easy to use they are, in our humble opinion, both the best children’s karaoke machines and best value for money kits on the market. We also offer a selection of different color mics for our karaoke machines that are perfect for adding a touch of personality to your kids karaoke mic. One of the most popular choices is our pretty in pink karaoke microphone, but we’ve also got brilliant blue, working-it white and glorious gold.


To grab a karaoke kit and get your child singing, head to: Shop.luckyvoice.com