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Top 5 Kids Karaoke Songs

For many parents the idea of a karaoke machine for kids sounds like a recipe for disaster, but with a huge range of benefits to singing – from boosting the immune system to raising self-confidence – there’s never been more of a case for getting your little bundle(s) of joy their very own karaoke machine for cross-generational singalongs. To help you get started once you’ve bought a family karaoke kit, here are five of our favourite kids karaoke songs.

1) Let It Go – Frozen

Beloved by kids and adults alike, this is one of the most requested songs from the karaoke machines in our London venues, as well as one of the most frequently streamed tracks to our karaoke kits London.


2) A Whole New World – Aladdin

There was always going to be plenty of Disney on this list! A Whole New World is another classic kids track that can also be enjoyed by parents, as Aladdin likely made up a large part of their own childhood. See also: Arabian Nights, Prince Ali, Friend Like Me and One Jump Ahead!


3) The Hockey Cockey

At Lucky Voice we are firm believers that if you get the opportunity to sing and dance, you should grab it, with your knees bent and both arms stretched, ra, ra, ra. With that in mind, the Hockey Cockey is an absolute must for parent-child karaoke sessions as it provides ample opportunity to throw some serious shapes.


4) Hakuna Matata – The Lion King

What a wonderful phrase! A certified classic from the greatest Disney film ever made (we know, controversial). This is the third most streamed song from the kids playlist of our karaoke machine London software, so you know it’s good.


5) The Wombling Song – The Wombles

Fun to say, even more fun to sing – The Wombling Song has been keeping kids and parents entertained for over forty years.


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