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How Is a Karaoke Machine Beneficial For Kids?

Did you know that a karaoke system is highly beneficial for the development of kids? Using a karaoke machine is not just a fun activity to be involved in, but also a growth enhancer for kids. This implies that a karaoke machine helps in the development of your child’s physical, emotional and social well-being.

When you sing songs using a karaoke machine, it improves your mood and simultaneously provides you with multiple benefits that you cannot even imagine. Here are some of the major benefits it offers -

  • Improves Breathing Patterns 
    When you sing songs, your heart rate slows downs, which in turn, improves your breathing patterns. Also, when you sing karaoke, you use your whole body to get involved in the song. With this, the abdominal muscles become relaxed and lungs become fully expanded, helping you breathe easily and efficiently.

  • Reduces Stress And Anxiety
    You might be amazed to know that owing to the multiple health benefits of karaoke, it is widely used as a therapy to reduce anxiety and stress in people. According to one study in Japan, karaoke therapy helped people decrease the risk of heart diseases. When you sing karaoke, the level of the stress hormone decreases in your body. Hence, you enjoy the moment to the fullest.

  • Build Confidence 
    children's karaoke machine is also beneficial for boosting the confidence of your kid. A karaoke machine will give him the confidence to sing in front of a huge crowd. So, it is definitely a great way to help your kid get rid of his fears of facing the public.

  • Stimulate Brain 
    Singing puts a lot of your brain’s power to action, as while singing with a karaoke machine, you have to follow the rhythm, lyrics and melody. This stimulates your brain by causing activities in the brain’s neurons.

Hence, it shows that karaoke singing is both an entertaining and health-improving activity. Especially for kids, karaoke is the best gift that you can ever purchase for them. Your child will have a blast singing their favourite songs and growing in lots of different ways.

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Reasons Why Should Look For a Karaoke Machine For Sale Online

Karaoke nights are just awesome. No matter what type of party you host, it simply takes your party to another level. This is the major reason why you may find a karaoke music system at almost every other party you attend. But is the fun limited to just parties and get-togethers? Don’t you think that you should an exciting musical night whenever you like, wherever you like?


Portable karaoke systems are high in demand these days, as they can be easily used at home. So, if you are a music lover, you too can look for a good karaoke machine for home use. These are easily available in the market - both in online and local stores. However, it is always suggested to look for a karaoke machine for sale online. Here are some potential reasons that justify this -

  • Super affordable 
    One of the biggest reasons to look for karaoke online is affordability. Together with all deals and discounts, a karaoke is offered to you at the most feasible rates online than in the local stores. Also, it saves you the time and cost of travelling to the local store. Further, karaoke is said to be one of the best Christmas gifts for kids. So, if you purchase it online, you can be assured that you convey your warm wishes to your loved one while keeping the gift light on your pocket.

  • Variety 
    In comparison to a local store, the online store will offer you more varieties to choose from. Hence, depending upon your choices and preferences, you can compare different varieties of karaoke systems under one head. You can even filter your choice as per your budget and features. While selecting among different karaoke options, you may also come across a range of gifts for karaoke lovers, which are a must-buy, if you are buying it for a special someone,

  • Reliability 
    With the increasing trend of online shopping, the reliability factor too has increased. People have started realizing that the products available online are qualitative and often come with a warranty, depending on the nature of the product you choose. So, buying online is very convenient. If you purchase from a reliable online store, you will always get better options, both in terms of quality and variety.

No matter you are purchasing a karaoke system for self or for a loved one, it is always a fun stuff to have at home. So, what are you waiting for? Hit an online store and get your karaoke system today..!!

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How To Choose The Best Karaoke Machine For Kids In Just 5 Easy Ways

Does your kid love singing songs? Do you wish to spend quality time with your kid? If yes, nothing can be better than a karaoke machine. It is the perfect way to help your little rock star engage in activities that they loves to do, enhance their singing abilities and also share some lovely memories with you and the family. 


Even if your kid is not that interested in music, you can still have fun with it by enjoying entertaining karaoke nights at home. But, with so many options and features available in the market, it is quite confusing to choose the right karaoke machine for kids.



So, here are some easy ways through which you can select the best karaoke system for your kid -

  • Features
    As mentioned above, karaoke machines are available with a variety of features. For example, you can look for a karaoke that has disco lights in it, to boost the partying experience in your home. Audio voice control is also a great feature that dampens the original vocals of the song as soon as someone starts singing. Depending on what your kid may enjoy,

  • Age Of The Child
    While purchasing a karaoke machine for your kid, it is essential to keep their age in mind. Look for an easy-to-use and simple karaoke machine, if your child is young. Also, look for an option that has large colourful buttons. Not only will the buttons attract your child, but also help them control the karaoke system whenever they wish to use it.

  • Portability
    This is one of the most important factors that you must keep in mind. The karaoke machine should be portable enough to be carried easily to different locations. So, when you host a party at home, you can easily place it wherever you like - by the pool, in the hall etc.

  • Budget
    Do keep your budget in mind, while choosing a karaoke party system. Depending on the features, functionality and other factors, the price of the machine may vary. So, choose your option wisely. Also, note that anything which is expensive does not necessarily mean that it will be of good  quality. So, while searching online for a karaoke  system UK, filter your search according to the budget.

  • Media Compatibility
    You will have to check the type of media the karaoke is compatible with. So, before making a final buying decision, make a rough list of the type of media songs you will be using, and then check the compatibility.

So, if you wish to host a party at home or simply have fun with your kids, do get this amazing equipment today. All you need to do is to keep the above tips in mind.


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5 Reasons To Get Your Kids Singing At Home

You’d be amazed how much good getting your little bundle of joy to sing regularly achieves. As the maker of the best children’s karaoke machine in the country – I know, we’re modest too – we get to see firsthand the incredible transformative effects that the joy of song can have on kids. Don’t believe us? Check out these proven benefits...


1) It’s good for the body


The physical benefits to your child’s body that singing encourages are ludicrously extensive. It – deep breath (coincidentally something that singing encourages, leading to increased oxygen in the blood and subsequently to the brain) – strengthens the lips and tongue helping children speak and communicate more clearly; strengthens the immune system; improves posture; burns calories; helps with sleep; releases endorphins; and increases lung capacity.


2) It’s good for the mind


At a young age, singing aids cognitive development on a number of fronts. It causes the brain to perform multiple tasks at once, helping to develop memory. It also helps teach opposites – like fast and slow, quiet and loud – helping a child to learn to differentiate between opposite tasks. Singing also helps a child learn rhythm and rhyme, as well as the importance of listening in order to learn.


3) It’s good for the soul


Repeated scientific studies have shown singing to bolster happiness and mental wellbeing in children. Singing improves self-confidence and the ability to communicate with others. It can also prove a valuable social tool to help children make friends. Finally, singing has been proven to increase creativity.


4) It’s good for the parents


Singing is a great way to bond with your kids and it’s something that you can share together at almost any age, meaning the entire family can get involved. It creates a loving environment of shared joy that develops lasting bonds. The most common bit of feedback we get from parents is astonishment at how when their kids grab a karaoke machine for kids, they transform from a moody Netflixated bundle of nerves in to a responsive and happy disco diva.


5) It’s good for the bank balance


When we sat down to design our karaoke kits we had two core aims: simplicity and affordability. We couldn’t be happier with the result: our at-home karaoke machines start from £60 and are so easy to use they are, in our humble opinion, both the best children’s karaoke machines and best value for money kits on the market. We also offer a selection of different color mics for our karaoke machines that are perfect for adding a touch of personality to your kids karaoke mic. One of the most popular choices is our pretty in pink karaoke microphone, but we’ve also got brilliant blue, working-it white and glorious gold.


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5 Unusual Christmas Presents For Kids

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Well, minus the present-buying and cold weather; fortunately for you that’s where we come in. If you’re looking for truly unique kids karaoke mic to get the kids this year then look no further than these 5 unusual gift ideas. Sorry we can’t do anything about the chilly weather!


1) Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit


Simplicity and ease of use are at the heart of our karaoke machines’ design, making them perfect as a karaoke machine for kids as well as adults. ‘A karaoke machine for kids?’ we hear you exclaim skeptically. Well, repeated scientific studies have shown singing to help boost the immune system, improve posture, help with sleep, boost self-confidence and lower stress, not to mention – it’s awesome fun, so yes, a karaoke machine for kids!


Our karaoke kits come with a month subscription to our online karaoke service – a specially curated catalogue of 9000+ songs that we have lovingly crafted using feedback from guests enjoying the karaoke machine in our flagship London venues to create not just the best karaoke kit in London, but the universe...


2) Floating Airshot


A great present for trigger happy children of all ages, this fun toy floats 5 balls in the air for players to compete against each other to see who can shoot the most out the air with foam dart blasters.



3) Selfie Camera


We know, we know – selfies are ridiculous, but they aren’t going away anytime soon so you might as well embrace it. This special selfie camera attaches to your child’s smartphone and even provides the perfect selfie lighting (apparently that’s a thing).



4) Motion Control Drone


No matter what age you are, a motion controlled drone is just cool, That said, it might be an idea to make sure test flights take place outdoors!



5) Light Up Unicorn Slippers


Unicorns are all the rage at the moment, and these adorable slippers light up with a rainbow of different hues when you squeeze their golden unicorn horns. It doesn’t get much more unusual than that!


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Top 5 Kids Karaoke Songs

For many parents the idea of a karaoke machine for kids sounds like a recipe for disaster, but with a huge range of benefits to singing – from boosting the immune system to raising self-confidence – there’s never been more of a case for getting your little bundle(s) of joy their very own karaoke machine for cross-generational singalongs. To help you get started once you’ve bought a family karaoke kit, here are five of our favourite kids karaoke songs.

1) Let It Go – Frozen

Beloved by kids and adults alike, this is one of the most requested songs from the karaoke machines in our London venues, as well as one of the most frequently streamed tracks to our karaoke kits London.


2) A Whole New World – Aladdin

There was always going to be plenty of Disney on this list! A Whole New World is another classic kids track that can also be enjoyed by parents, as Aladdin likely made up a large part of their own childhood. See also: Arabian Nights, Prince Ali, Friend Like Me and One Jump Ahead!


3) The Hockey Cockey

At Lucky Voice we are firm believers that if you get the opportunity to sing and dance, you should grab it, with your knees bent and both arms stretched, ra, ra, ra. With that in mind, the Hockey Cockey is an absolute must for parent-child karaoke sessions as it provides ample opportunity to throw some serious shapes.


4) Hakuna Matata – The Lion King

What a wonderful phrase! A certified classic from the greatest Disney film ever made (we know, controversial). This is the third most streamed song from the kids playlist of our karaoke machine London software, so you know it’s good.


5) The Wombling Song – The Wombles

Fun to say, even more fun to sing – The Wombling Song has been keeping kids and parents entertained for over forty years.


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